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January 8, 2018
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Why You Should Visit

Through the course of time electronic music has developed into the #1 dance music, and today nobody can imagine nightclubs without electronic music playing. This genre of music has grown into a crucial style whose elements can be found and implemented in any other music: whether it’s pop, rap, hip-hop, rock or alternative. Since the 1970s, when EDM started gaining momentum, this music has been picked up by many celebrities worldwide: Rihanna, Pink Floyd, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Eminem, Selena Gomez and others. Today the number of electronic music fans has increased dramatically, and if you’re here you’re very likely one of them. Welcome to out why this website is worth visiting and what you can learn here. The website is all about electronic dance music: here you can find the best electronic music has to offer. The blog provides up-to-date music videos, accurate news, upcoming events and giveaways related to the electronic music scene. No matter how long you’ve been into EDM or how much you already know about it – this website is great for everyone: learn the basics of electronic music if you’re a newcomer; listen to the radio, watch videos, concert recordings or read the news if you’re a devoted fan; or find the best upcoming electronic music events or festivals if you’re all about attending concerts or open-airs.

How electronic music became popular

From the blog you can learn that since the advent of EDM the music scene has changed significantly. Tracks with electronic instruments allowed unknown artists to become popular overnight – one of these stars is Major Lazer. Electronic music has about 20 genres which makes it a unique music style classified between pop and dance music. The beginning of EDM dates back to 1968 when electro-classical music arose in Paris. The pioneers of this genre were Jean-Micheal Jarre and Enya, who first brought EDM to a wide audience. That was the period of New Age and the transformation of classical music into electronic. The first electronic instruments were invented in the 1960s and introduced to the public by Robert Moog. Very soon his invention was named after him, and became known as Moog synths. As you can find in one of our blog posts, the next wave of electronic music started in the 1970s and was called Electronica because of the broad use of electronic synths, drum machines, samplers, and even computers. Genres such as house, industrial, techno, trance, jungle and dance were brought to music at that time. Popular artists and bands of the 1970s (Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Eurythmics) attracted even more fans by changes in their music. Even though some people still consider EDM as ‘fake’ music because of its nature, today’s music world wouldn’t be complete without it. When artists first started playing electronic music nobody could predict the effect it would have on the whole world of music and its every genre. One of the reasons why electronic music is so widespread nowadays is due to its instruments, which are easier to use than the traditional ones. Technological advances have made them cheaper, more convenient and easily accessible with the advent of personal computers and special programs that allow users to compose music without any instruments. Are you interested in the whole list of electronic instruments, or creating music at home with a personal computer? Find out the details at

Why is worth visiting

The offers eye-catching information to anyone who is in any way interested in electronic music. Get to know more about your favorite DJ, keep abreast of important electronic music events, or just leave the radio playing in the background while you’re visiting other websites, working, doing housework or taking a break. Whatever the purpose, this blog won’t leave you uninterested or bored – be careful, you may even become immersed in it! Just kidding. is a unique resource that contains complete information on topics you won’t find anywhere else – no need to google it anymore or visit several sources in search of all the relevant details. Electronic music from its early beginning to the present – learn how it has developed through the course of time from one of the articles. Visiting the blog you’ll also learn facts, details and other interesting information about electronic music and new wave artists.

Electronic music is everywhere

You might never have even thought about it, but today electronic music and its elements are literally everywhere. Whatever place you visit, whether you watch TV, a movie, or listen to music, you’ll come across traces of electronic music  everywhere. Remember your favorite music, the soundtrack of the latest movie you watched, the ringtone of your smartphone, or music in any advertising – all of them are very likely to contain components of electronic music. Electronic music continues to grow, and change not only other genres of music, but even the way we live.

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