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OZORA Festival 2018

OZORA Festival 2018

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A big open air festival is an exciting summer event which attracts different people and creates positive experiences for attendees. It is great to live in a tent at a beautiful location, take a part in some interesting activities and listen to your favorite music every evening. This post is about a Hungarian festival which will take place in 2018 from the 30th of July through the 5th of August.

OZORA is one of the most popular psi-trance music festivals in the world, which is on a par with such great events as Burning Man or Tomorrowland. In 2017 it hosted more than 100,000 visitors from all over the world. The event earned its popularity with its great music and unique, friendly atmosphere — like a big international family. The festival attracts many different people of all ages and worldviews. The open air is also known as “Paradise” because of the entrance sign “Welcome to Paradise”.

Ozora was the name of a lake in Tolna country, Hungary near the small village of Dadpusta. It got its name in honor of nobleman Pipo Ozora, who was awarded this land by king Sigismund and built a great castle here in 1416. In the early 90s the lake was dried out — and a few years later it’s bottom became a big festival area.

OZORA music and dresscode

Every year in the first week of August a real town of tents and caravans appears in the beautiful Ozorian valley right in a dry lake. Other than camping, this town has a convenient infrastructure for all guests and also several different stages for musicians with great neon decorations. Famous European and American artists play on these stages.

The main music style of the open-air is trance — a kind of electronic dance music characterized by its specific synthetic sound, with some short repeating segments. Rhythmic, smoothly changing bass slowly immerses listeners in an altered consciousness. The other popular styles are psi-ambient, space rock, dub, reggae, ethnic and more. Such musicians as Raja Ram, Infected Mushroom, Hallucinogen, Astrix, Shpongle, 1200 Micrograms, Juno Reactor have been headliners of the open-air. O.Z.O.R.A. is a place where you can find dozens of new musicians and fill up your playlist, relax and enjoy meeting new people from all over the world.

OZORA visitors usually wear festival clothing — bright and colorful cotton dresses, jean shorts, or merch T-shirts with the logo of a favorite artist. Some people prefer simple comfortable clothes, others wear freak suits with transparent inserts and lots of glitter. If you are going to visit this open-air, don’t forget to pack a jacket or hoodie — although Hungary has a warm summer, there could be a cool wind at dawn.

Festival activities

Relaxing in the open-air you can not only enjoy the different musical performances on the stages. There is also a great entertainment program with something special for every guest. There are some exciting activities, such as:

  •         marvelous theatrical shows with acrobats and jugglers
  •         psychedelic movie screenings
  •         relaxing massage courses
  •         group meditation and yoga training with a famous guru
  •         master classes in which you could study how to play exotic musical instruments or cook some ethnic food
  •         and many more interesting things to do

Due to the friendly atmosphere prevailing at the festival it is always easy to make new friends and hang out with them by doing some interesting activities. Just don’t be shy and enjoy the summer!

What to bring to OZORA

Camping is the main form of accommodation in the festival area — it is always free and safe. If you are going to visit this open-air don’t forget your tent and sleeping bag with a special mat.

When choosing your clothes follow this simple rule: take only clothes in which you are not afraid to sit on the ground. It is always hot and sunny in summer in Hungary, so be sure to bring sunscreen and a hat to avoid sunstroke. But it could be quite cool at night —  a sweatshirt and jeans will also come in handy. It is also a good idea to take a raincoat in case of rain. Do not take too many new clothes — choose some comfortable ones that you are not afraid to ruin.

Hygiene at the open-air is also important — don’t forget some wet wipes and antibacterial hand gel. Pour your shampoos or liquid soap into a small bottle — this is an easy way to reduce the weight of your bag. There are some shower cabins and washbasins on the Ozora territory, so you can wash up any time you need.

A portable charger may also be necessary to fully use your devices. However, try not to use gadgets too often — enjoy the great music and the atmosphere of the event instead of constantly updating your news feed.

You don’t have to take too much food with you — there is a food court with different fresh food cooked according to ethnic recipes, and it could be a great experience to taste it all. If you want to cook for yourself you can build a campfire anywhere except where signs are posted prohibiting it.

The OZORA organizers don’t recommend bringing pets or small children to the festival, but there is no strict prohibition. If you bring them you have to watch them carefully, and don’t leave them unattended.

How to get to the location

It’s easy to get the festival if you’re traveling by plane — there are O.Z.O.R.A. shuttle buses which go directly from the main Budapest international airport (BUD – Liszt Ferenc) to the main festival entrance. After the end of the holiday you also can come back to the airport with these shuttles. Don’t forget to reserve a bus ticket in advance or you may not get a spot.

If you are coming from Budapest, you can buy a ticket on the regular train departing from the South station (Déli Pályaudvar) to Simontornya. In that station there are also some party bus shuttles which could take you directly to the OZORA gates.

You could also get to the festival by car. To find the exact location of the O.Z.O.R.A., enter these coordinates into your GPS: 46°46’12″N 18°26’12″E.