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MAYDAY Dortmund 2018

MAYDAY Dortmund 2018

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  • Dortmund
  • Germany

One of the most popular events in electronic music, the MAYDAY festival is due to start on April 30th in 2018 in Dortmund, Germany. It is one of the most beloved parties, renowned around the world for its massive performances and unlimited rave!

The MAYDAY festival is a real testament of what electronic music stands for – freedom of expression, rave and tolerance. Born in the year 1991, the party captured the best ideas of a true open to the public event, and managed to preserve them through the years. MAYDAY reflects the trends that define electronic music of the current year and shares them with the rest of the world in a spectacular way.

From the first year of its existence, this nationwide festival in Germany remains one of the most respected parties in the world of EDM. Despite the name, the event takes place annually with rather a flexible timetable. The world saw MAYDAY Winter parties that were perfectly in tune with the ideas promoted by the festival. But the host of the festival remains unchanged.

As for the venue that is home to the finest night party in Germany, it can hold up to 25 thousand people. The Westfalenhallen arena offers an adventure that cannot be compared to any other event. The place is renowned for its spacious halls that have housed important football matches and even a number of Pop Rock Festivals. The arena is perfect for spectacular mass events as it allows the use of impressive lightning and pyrotechnics. You may walk through spacious sections of the Westfalenhallen arena and enjoy multiple lineups including various genres of electronic music.

There are regular headliners that took part in the first MAYDAY event in 1991 and have continued this tradition throughout the years. Sven Väth is one of the major figures in this remarkable list of electronic music stars. He took part in the very first MAYDAY party, remaining one of the most dedicated fans of the event. Fans expect Sven Väth to present a truly memorable performance in the upcoming year that will shatter the walls of Westfalenhallen arena for the whole night.

The 25th anniversary of the MAYDAY Dortmund party saw one of its best shows ever, presented by Robin Schulz, Adam Beyer and Len Faki. The event took place in 2016 and was a fine example of the diversity that lies at the very root of electronic music. The lineup was packed with stars of all levels coupled with regular participants like Sven Väth. Many international and European music stars perform at the annual party with great dedication and love.

MAYDAY Dortmund has always been a true promoter of diversity that goes beyond music. True fans of the party remember the old-school techno premises on which the modern festival stands through today. Currently, the lineup is packed with different varieties of electronic music ranging from hardstyle, electro, and techno to trance. It is best to get prepared for a unique dancing experience that is of no comparison to any other indoor music festival in Europe.

The visuals of the performance have become more sophisticated than ever. Fans expect the MAYDAY event in 2018 to have some of the most captivating visual elements ever. This, combined with incredible music, will turn your adventure within the halls of Westfalenhallen into one of the best events in your life.

The 2018 lineup has international stars that include Airtunes, Charlotte de Witte, Danielle Diaz, Neelix, Moonbootica and many others. Electronic music stars find the stage of Westfalenhallen very attractive for expressing their talent. The atmosphere of openness and freedom of expression are truly the basic values for ravers of all races and ages.

Anyone above the age of 16 is allowed at the all-night party that will be hosted in Dortmund. Taking place from 7pm to 9am, the MAYDAY festival is able to lighten up Dortmund in the colors of rave and love, tolerance and freedom. There is no place like Westfalenhallen arena when it comes to spectacular production and an unforgettable performance.

The location is easily accessible from the city center as it is located not far from the Westfalenhallen metro station. Ravers from around the world often overcrowd Dortmund airport and head to the arena to hang out and dance until the morning light.

Join the community built around the MAYDAY festival of electronic music! You will have the most memorable experiences that will make you return to this festival year after year.