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Electronic Music: Trends And Hits That Await Us In 2018 According to Morozoffent

January 8, 2018
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Electronic Music: Trends And Hits That Await Us In 2018 According to Morozoffent

It’s often assumed that electronic music is booming today; it converts more and more admirers all around the world and is constantly transforming into new and peculiar genres. Top DJs admit that now electro music has stepped into its “golden era”, and is even more global than in the 90s. Let’s see what makes it popular and which trends will rule the electronic stage in the upcoming year.

Actual tendencies

Compared to previous years, electronic music today is mainstream – its songs can be recognized everywhere today. This fact makes it extremely popular on the one hand but too common on the other. Big time musicians and initiates add electronic motifs to their songs and experiment with their sound, almost every pop song is imbued with the rhythms of electro. As for the authentic electro itself, the best-selling genres now are Techno, House, Progressive House, Trap and their subtypes.

Trend forecast for 2018

2018 promises to be fruitful for both top and up and coming DJs. Most content will be placed on the Spotify/Apple streaming platforms. The artists are more likely to release their music without being controlled by labels. That will be a challenge and still a nice push for creative and diverse dance music. The industry is growing more and more monetized; that means DJs will adapt to the latest trends to make the most of it. The main ways to promote musicians will be social, blogs and streaming. The year is expected to be productive and interesting and will fill our playlists with fresh melodies. According to experts, trap is going to lose a bit of its popularity. Bass will still prevail on stages and pop and hip-hop artists will continue mixing their tracks with the actual electro tunes. The collaboration of genres will bring more fresh musical ideas. Electronic singles are likely to blaze up the charts just like in 2017 – now the genre will remain accessible and attractive for casual listeners. The music fests are going to flourish; but not many new ones will emerge. The regional festivals are likely to earn their usual number of visitors, as will the existing global events. The upcoming trends in musical collaboration show that dance fests will include pop and hip hop segments and vice versa to meet the needs of visitors. The trendy genres of 2018 will include bass as the prevailing genre, along with the triumphant comeback of dubstep that was so quickly forgotten in the previous years. Indie groups will gain popularity, especially in the USA, and new names in the industry are expected. The dub lines will be included into tracks to make them sound more fresh and experimental. A visible trend towards overlapping styles will be seen: bounce and house will be mixed with electro and big room, hardstyle and future bass are going to merge with dubstep and trap. Anyway, we’re going to finally enjoy varied sounds replacing boring repetitive sets, and the gap between music styles will be almost destroyed. Another expected trend is the comeback of good old 90’s motifs that will  bring more upbeat, joyful music. Underground, funk and disco will burst into the market and will bring back the melody and rhythms of the past millennium – that’ll be fun.

Albums and releases to anticipate in 2018

The upcoming year will be marked by fresh anticipated albums of electro favorites. No doubt they’ve prepared a number of high-quality soundtracks for their fans. One of the current leading DJs, David Guetta, hasn’t formally announced his new album, but his interviews were filled with teasers of the upcoming release. The album is meant to be recorded in the new production style and is likely to include hits made in collaboration with Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber and Nicky Minaj. The British group Clean Bandit has already won a Grammy Award for their original compositions where electronic sound is combined with strings and piano. The five tracks from the album have already been released and become great successes worldwide. The album is definitely going to be on top. Major Lazer – a team that is extremely productive now, is planning to release their album “Music Is The Weapon” in spring. The album will contain the recognizable tunes and rhythms of the trio. Marshmello – another successful project — will remind his fans what good electronic music is this year. Although the DJ is now considered to be one of the richest artists in the industry and his hits are still remembered, the album will not wait until 2019. Cheat Codes, the group that finally earned attention this year, is going to build upon their success and drop their album in 2018. The release is expected to widen the team’s fanbase. Next year is being greatly anticipated by those who enjoy good, meaningful and melodic tracks. Moby has announced a new album “Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt” which will be released in March 2018. The record will contain 12 songs – mere enjoyment for fans and a valuable contribution to electronic music. Another key event in the upcoming year is the new album from Prodigy that will be released on the Take Me to Hospital Label supported by BMG. The group promises to actively please their fans with concerts and new events. The group’s new album will definitely shape the general trends of the genre and will enjoy record-breaking sales, just  like the previous releases. The emerging trends and events of 2018 indicate that the year is going to be fascinating: new sound experiments, fresh releases, dance festivals and no borders between styles — everything that we deserve.

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