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Electronic Music and Street Art

January 17, 2018
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Electronic Music and Street Art

Street art has become a form of self-expression for thousands of people around the world. Necessary to be distinguished from vandalism, it can contain pure masterpieces that reflect the most relevant societal problems. No wonder this form of art hits a nerve and conquers galleries and stages. The main type of street art is graffiti. This is not the only variety – screen printing, posters, installations, stickers and even monumental painting have become an integral part of the current street art movement. Like any form of art, street painting seeks development and new forms of expression. A good way to deliver the message to society was found in integrating street art with music. One of the most suitable styles for that is electronic music – vibrant, rhythmical and cosmic, it echoes with modern street artworks. The amazing mix of music and street art has become a source of effective marketing campaigns. Back in 2012, Burn launched a project where David Guetta and LA-based filmmaker Mr. Brainwash worked together in order to create a video for Guetta’s track “Metropolis”. This is not unique: lots of DJs find inspiration in street art that is closely connected to their artistic views and certain phases of life. Many DJs combine their musical career with street art: they use its elements in videos or create outstanding works of art. DJ Goldie, Robert Del Naja from Massive Attack, Deadly Budda, Richard Sen and others. Projects with collaboration between  street art and electronic music are successfully launched regularly in different parts of the world. Let’s review the most prominent events with a fusion of art and music. Present Perfect St. Petersburg, Russia, is considered to be the cultural capital of the country. No wonder the city hosts a project called “Present Perfect”, dedicated to electronic music and street art. The festival is based on the idea of demonstrating the actual forms of cultural avant-garde. The global event is built upon the connection of three basic notions: Love-Freedom-Art. The festival takes place at the Museum of Street Art, which is the biggest in Eastern Europe. Apart from sets from top DJs the audience enjoys a large-scale light show. The most discussed Present Perfect event took place in summer 2016. The show included several main stages; each of them was thematically decorated. The issues taken up were diverse – from experimental art forms to global warming. The camp segments contained zones of skaters, DIY artists, Boiler Room project, vinyl market, sport area, Neon Hub, media cinema, education zone, an “Across Borders” street art exhibition and others. The fest headliners included Plaid, Aux88, Head High, Interchain, Philipp Gorbachev, Machinedrum, Roman Fluegel, Maayan Nidam, Helena Hauff , DJ Stingray, Panoram, and other  new Russian artists. The festival was first launched in 2015 and has already gained respect and status as an international cultural event. In 2015 the major theme of the event was world peace. The 2017 event was even more international and ambitious. Apart from that, the organizers of Present Perfect – an art group, Roots United – regularly organize raves in industrial areas. Beijing Sonic Electronic Music & Art Festival The Beijing Sonic platform is well-known in the Asian cultural segment, and connects Chinese, German and French electronic music and street art pieces. The festival is held according to the most popular format: it includes several stages, exhibitions, light shows, workshops and installations. The pure joy and madness lasts for nearly two weeks filled with constant events and performances by top DJs. Cities Where Music And Street Art Fuse The German capital has always been noted for its distinguished street art: in Berlin you will always find walls covered with unique artistic elements. Electronic music festivals where street art and graffiti play a special role are typical in Berlin. As always, the decorations of stages and the zones of the festival are made by street artists. Tokyo is well-known for its developed street art culture and specific electronic music varieties. Street artists express themselves by creating marvelous scenes on the walls. One of their favorite topics is anime characters – the Japanese culture is known for it. Electronic music tends toward underground or dub and techno. London, like any big city, has a developed nightlife which is closely connected with electronic music. The peculiar feature of British capital is its large number of talented street artists. An iconic representative of these artists is surely Banksy – an artist whose pictures give food for thought; they are full of irony and hot social issues. The strong rumors about Banksy also being a member of Massive Attack haven’t been proven, but no doubt his art inspired lots of musicians and artist all around the world. Bogota today is a city where street culture and electronic music flourish. The unique culture combined with the hard times the people have had to go through united to create a strong street art culture. Graffiti here is full of color, emotions and deep meaning. The nightlife in Bogota is full of rhythmic music where electronic tunes are valued, as well as art events, although it might be dangerous to walk around the city alone.

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