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How To Choose A Perfect Pair Of Headphones For Electronic Music?

January 8, 2018
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How To Choose A Perfect Pair Of Headphones For Electronic Music?

In a music world totally dominated by Beats by Dr. Dre there is still wide selection of headphones and earphones worth your attention. Yeah, Beats are an example of a well-balanced design and specs, but there are other options available on the market. Is there a way to avoid getting lost in the barrage of headphones designed for electronic music? Avoid various marketing tricks that push you towards making a wrong decision can be helpful. However, the best idea is to take your time and give the problem of choosing a decent pair of headphones careful consideration. If you are a casual listener or a music fan and have decided to change your old headphones for a better option, or you’re searching for the best pair for your needs, it is crucial to get ready to shop. Let’s simplify the search for a pair of good headphones and determine a pair of things that matter. The first thing that matters is your understanding of what you want to get from the new headphones. Identify the main ways you’ll use the headphones. Your choice will be different if you plan to use headphones while working out or commuting in public transport. Those who need headphones for music creation and production will not be satisfied with headphones with only basic features.


Let’s get this straight: you shall not get the best audio quality at a low price. If you need a decent pair of headphones without extra features or premium-class enhancements, then you will be able to find a good model that will not put a hole in your wallet. However, you’ll have to do a lot of research to compare prices on multiple selling platforms. Peer opinions can influence your choice, as there is nothing better than real testimonials from real people who already use the products. Stay away from the headphones that put emphasis on extra sound fidelity. Professional audio quality is good for music production at a studio, not for casual listening. Some models can be customized: be prepared to give away a large sum of money to have the headphones perfectly fit to your head.


Brands can mislead customers trying to purchase  a set of good headphones for electronic music. The best way to escape marketing deception is to arm yourself with facts and information about the model you have chosen. The brand name may compel you to make a purchase, but you should keep in mind the fact that a popular brand name can afford to be much worse in quality than its less popular competitor can.

Noise cancelling

This feature is not present in most basic models of headphones for electronic music. Nevertheless, it is worth having to block out outside noise while you enjoy your music. This feature can create a unique listening experience while saving your ears. Consider headphones with noise cancellation to control volume while you get the best sound quality.


Bass and treble reproduction are crucial for EDM fans. These features can be tuned perfectly with the help of well-rounded frequency response. Nevertheless, do not get tricked by frequency response that is advertised, but will not affect the quality of sound. Marketers sometimes play this card to attract customers.

In-ear headphones?

You will definitely save space in your bag if you choose in-ear headphones. In-ear headphones are comfortable and they are convenient to use in everyday life. However, sound quality may suffer to a way that can spoil the listening experience. Audiophiles are not likely to choose in-ear headphones because they value sound quality and bass clarity over comfort.

Over-ear headphones?

Over-ear headphones will give you the advantages of sound isolation. Music producers use them to create new sounds because over-ear headphones are able to meet the needs of the most sophisticated audiophiles. What you get is the clarity of the sound and excellent quality on any EDM sample.


A decent pair of headphones should be comfortable and fun to use. Other qualities are worthless when you cannot listen to your favorite band for hours at a time. It is important to choose headphones that will not hurt your ears. Test your headphones before you buy them.


Electronic music fans appreciate high fidelity audio quality above all else. The best headphones for EDM cost a large sum of money and are almost exclusively used by music producers. However, the choice of professional headphones is so vast that it is easy to get lost. Ordinary music lovers who use headphones in their everyday lives should do some research before shopping for the best pair of headphones. Do not let marketers trick you into buying a popular brand name that is in most cases overpriced. You will get what you pay for if you choose your new headphones carefully.

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